Password Reset

It is important that you choose a strong and secure password. Strong passwords are at least 14 characters long and include some combination of upper and lowercase letters,numbers and symbols. Passwords should be kept private. Writing your password down and leaving it in a visible or easily discoverable location defeats having a password. If you must write your password down keep it in a private place like a locked file cabinet or your purse or wallet. Even better you could use a password encryption application on your device (please contact us for recommendations).

For more information on choosing secure passwords please read Brian Kreb’s excellent article, “Password Do’s and Don’ts”.

NOTE: It is especially important that you change your password before travel due to passwords being more difficult to reset when off-campus.



Users can now reset their password over the phone using the HEAT Voice Password Reset Tool. This tool requires that you set up your HEAT Self Service profile prior to using the tool. After your profile is set up, a new menu item will be available to reset your password over the phone when you call ANR STAT using the phone number you list in your HEAT Self Service profile.

Please review the HEAT Voice Password Reset Tool document for instructions on how to set up your profile and reset your password over the phone.

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding setting up your profile or using the password reset tool, please contact ANR STAT at (517) 355-3776.


NOTE: If the directions above do not work, please see the document Resetting Your ANR Password using OWA (Outlook Web App)