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Microsoft Produced Training - Get Familiar with the Outlook Calendar

Outlook 2010 Introducing The Calendar Screen Shot

Learn the Outlook 2010 calendar. This training course explains how to create appointments and meetings, set recurrence and reminders, use color categories and follow-up flags, create all-day events, and manage your free/busy data.

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OUTLOOK MAIL - Tips & Tricks

Change Address List - Outlook Contact List Explained - In the Outlook Contact Area and Address book, there are many lists. Here the differences between these lists are explained, along with how to change which list is displayed when you open your Outlook address book.

Create Quick Step to Move Mail Messages to Folder with One Click - If you move messages to folders often, you can use the Outlook Quick Step feature to help you do that in particularly fast a manner — with a single click. 

Copy a Group Contact to Outlook Contact/Address Book - Have you ever received an email from someone that contained a group contact in the "to:" field and wanted to copy/move that contact to your address book?  Follow the steps in this tip to learn how. 

Inserting a Screenshot in to an Email Message

Picture of Outlook Email

Have you ever run into a problem and wanted to email someone for a solution with an inserted screenshot? Learn how in the document titled Insert a Screenshot in to an Email Message.

Microsoft Produced Training: Mailbox Management - Use Views to Stay Organized

Outlook 2010 Mailbox Management 1 ScreenShot

Learn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox by setting and changing views; the settings that control how Outlook displays your data. This course explains some of the ways you can use views to find and organize your mail, contacts, and more. 

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Microsoft Produced Training - Outlook Best Practices: How Harry Got Organized

Outlook Best Practices ScreenShot

Follow Harry as he learns to use Outlook to master the increasing email and time management struggles that come with greater responsibility at work. Harry’s mentor, Renee, demonstrates how to manage email, tasks, and calendar features together in a system. The system is based on the teachings of many productivity experts, and shows best practices for how to use Outlook. 

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Microsoft Office Systems Webcast : Microsoft Office Tips/Tricks for Outlook Mail

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Take control of your inbox, and work more efficiently by using conversation management, instant search features, and rules for folder management. Explore new features such as Microsoft Outlook quick steps, which let you perform multiple actions with the click of a button, or use the People Pane to connect to your social network and view all Outlook-related information for a contact. Join Jed Warren for a look at these exciting features and more.  (click image to begin webcast)